Case studies


Savings of € 300.000,-

Lubrication of the chains of a stenter

Initial situation

In the production area, the customer has a stenter. The chains date back to the year 2000 (value € 100.000,-). In 2003, a first treatment with Interflon Lube HT / SF was applied. The stenter works up to 7 hours a day and works a few million meters of fabric.

Our solution

Interflon Lube HT (SF)


  • avoided production downtime for 18 years
  • increased production
  • clean working environment
  • reduced environmental impact
  • safe working environment for operators


Approximately every 5 years the chains are subjected to routine controls to measure the chain stretch. During the last check the technicians of the manufacturer of the stenter were amazed to see that the pair of chains after 18 years looks practically new (at the level of micrometric dimensional tolerances). The customer obtained a saving of € 300.000,- by avoiding the replacement of the chains. To this saving the reduction of mechanical wear, the lower environmental impact and all indirect savings as well as production efficiency must be added.

Tags: Interflon Lube HT-SF | MicPol® technology