Case studies

Pumps no longer leak or break down

Hydraulic lift (Holmatro pumps) to launch ships

Initial situation

These Holmatro pumps are subject to salt and fresh water. It takes 25 pumps to launch a ship. During every launching, 3 to 5 pumps leak or fail to reach the required pressure. Subject to cold / heat, rain, wind and sand.

Our solution

Since using Interflon Food Lube H32, the pumps no longer leak. The pumps produce sufficient pressure to lift the ship from its ground position to enable a smooth launching.


Cost savings for each launching:

Costs of revision set 3 x €198 = €594
Hourly wage 3 x 3 hours x €45 = €405

Total savings €999 per launching

Additional price for oil = 4 litres x €42 = €168
€999 - €168 = €831
The average number of launchings every year is 8-10.
Minimal annual saving = €831 x 8 = €6,648

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