Case studies

Temperature -11%, energy consumption -21%

Lubrication of hydraulic circuit of micro machine

Initial situation

The company designs and implements solutions for plastic injection moulding and is the local distributor for Nissei injection moulding machines, micro machines and auxiliary equipment for injection moulding machines.

When the machine has been in operation for several hours, the oil temperature rises and the viscosity of the oil changes. This causes jolting movements and results in defects in the products.

Our solution

The customer decided to test our additive Interflon Finnoly Additive N251-H with great results. All hydraulic components are coated with a MicPol® creating the lowest friction.


The machine operates 15 hours a day with an 18 litre capacity. Various measurements of temperature and energy consumption showed that after 7 days of use, the temperature in the oil reservoir had gone down by 15% (40°C instead of 47°C) and the temperature of the oil return flow had dropped by 11% (47°C instead of 53°C). Moreover, the average energy consumption went down by approx. 21% from 5.25 A to 4.25 A.

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