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Temperature drop of 25˚C in hydraulic systemasdad

Hydraulic oil enrichment in the CNC Chiron system

Initial situation

Due to the intense use of the machines, particularly in a 24/7 regime, this CNC model uses the hydraulic system directly proportional, so the measured temperature of the distribution group reached 118˚C! The temperature in the production hall increases during summer to 35°C, even if the hall is further ventilated.

Our solution

By using Interflon Finnoly Additive N251-H, the temperature measured with the company's thermal imaging camera, using the same settings of the reflection index, resulted in a 25˚C temperature drop.


Having no record of the previous data, concrete calculation of the cost reduction could not be done. However, due to the significant drop in temperature, the following results are expected:

- reducing oil leakage
- delayed oil wear
- increasing the service life of the hydraulic system components
- reducing energy consumption
- fewer interventions

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