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Saving of €9,600 since using Interflon Lube PN32

Pneumatic system for packaging and pallet loading machine

Initial situation

High level of oxidation due to proximity to the sea and working with highly oxidant products: sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate and sulphates. Product in powdered form. The powder from the products they package gets into all of the parts of the machinery thus producing crusts which make it difficult for the components to move and reduce the service lives of the parts.In particular, one of the most problematic points is the clamping jaws, which seal the bags of powdered product, made by Festo and failed to cover the whole of the run either on closing or on opening. They brokedown once a month, The cylinders do not cover the whole of their run and had to be changed every nine months. The electro valves show constant faults due to the deterioration of the seating rubbers and the oxidation of the body of the electro valve.

Our solution

This machine has been operating since 1999. They have been using Interflon Lube PN32, our ISO VG32 pneumatic oil with MicPol®, since 21st March 2001 with no real problems with downtime whereas machinery with similar characteristics was practically unusable after four years. The MicPol® film repels powder and keeps providing a smooth lubrication film.


Now the automatically lubricated cylinders last for approximately four years. The electro valves have not been changed. One of them used to have to be changed every forty-five days at a cost of around €200. We can say that this has led to an annual saving of €1600. They may have saved €9,600 on this since they have been Interflon Lube PN32.

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