Oil sprays

Extend the life of your machines, cables and chains and save on maintenance. Opt for the convenience of our oil sprays and prevent components from becoming jammed. One benefit of an oil spray is that you can lubricate accurately. With just one layer, you can be sure that everything will function smoothly and remain in good condition.

Direct to Interflon oil sprays.

Powerful MicPol® action

Interflon oil sprays are enriched with unique MicPol® technology. MicPol® forms a very durable, non-staining, dry lubricating film which almost eliminates friction between moving components. The properties of oil spray are enhanced by MicPol®. As a result, Interflon oil aerosols are even more resistant to major shock loads, washing out by water and corrosion. It eliminates stick-slip, does not attract dirt, dust and other abrasive particles and removes rust.

All-round maintenance

An oil aerosol can be used for the targeted lubrication of, for example, chains, cables, cylinders, spindles, hinges, axles, antennae, shafts, locks, spigots, toothed belts, locking pins, tools, machine tools, joints, valves, electric and electronic components, bearing assemblies etc. In short, all moving parts without a grease nipple. You can be sure of dry, clean lubrication without drips.

Benefits of oil sprays

By using the correct oil sprays, you can provide your machines with long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear. This prevents the machine components from jamming or breaking down.

Lubrication with Interflon pneumatic oil will yield the following benefits:

  • Optimum user convenience
  • Excellent protection against corrosion and wear
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Prevention of rust and corrosion
  • Extended life of business-critical and expensive machine components
  • Savings on cost and maintenance

By lubricating with Interflon oil, you will ensure that your machines continue to run smoothly, prevent unscheduled downtime and save costs.

Oil spray for all-round maintenance

The best thing about an oil spray is that it is suitable for many applications. With the correct oil spray from Interflon, you will have a solution for all-round maintenance activities. You can replace 10 conventional products with Interflon oil spray! You can also extend the life of your machines, components, cables and tools.

View Interflon’s oil aerosols:

Interflon Food Lube: Universal food-safe oil

Interflon Food Lube (G): Powerful food-safe chain oil

Interflon Fin Super: For general lubrication applications

Interflon Lube TF: Fora wide range of machines, cables and chains and miscellaneous maintenance applications

Interflon Lube EP+: For applications in the food processing industry with exposure to high temperatures and extreme pressure

Interflon Lube HT: For chains and other machine components exposed to high temperatures and extreme load

Do you know which Interflon oil spray you need? Please contact our technical advisors for no-obligation advice.