The proper lubricant for less machine maintenance

Lubricating oil for the industry

Lubricating oil

A lubricating oil consists of a base oil. Additives are added that determine the properties of the lubricant. These include water resistance, dirt repellence, suitability for use in a high or low temperature range or suitable for high pressure applications. The proper viscosity is also important. The higher the viscosity, the thicker the oil.

Choose the right lubricant

To keep your machinery functioning properly, it is important to choose the proper industrial lubricants. Only the proper lubricant will reduce friction, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The use of the proper lubricant will reduce the maintenance of your machines.

Interflon-lubricating oil for industry

What type of lubricant do you need?

Interflon offers various types of lubricants for the industry. Want to know what type of industrial lubricant you need? We will help you choose the correct lubricant. You can choose from among others: hydraulic oil, lubricating oil for pneumatic tools and lubricating oil for drives.

Spray it

Do you want to work cleaner? Choose one of our lubricant sprays. A spray helps you atomise lubricants properly.


A large proportion of the Interflon lubricating oils have NSF H1 certification, allowing you to use them in a food-safe manner in the food and beverage industry.