Connect the device to a smartphone via Bluetooth

Interflon Impulse Connect

The proven functions of the Interflon Impulse - latest generation of the pressure booster from the Interflon Single Point Lubricator family - have been supplemented with the option of connecting the device to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

You can use Interflon Impulse Connect for hard to reach places and places where extra pressure is needed, up to 10 bar. This one-point lubrication system, with Bluetooth® connection and a LED display that indicates operation, allows you to pump lubricant through pipes up to 4 meters long without any problems.

You can easily configure the devices via the ''Simatec world of maintenance app'' and then monitor the situation without being directly at the lubrication point. Information such as general status, fill level, lubricant, size, start and change date etc. is displayed to you and easy to read in the app.

Scan the QR code and download the Simatec world of maintenance app on your smart phone and stay connected with your lubrication points!