PI Interflon Impulse Connect

Lubrication tools

Automatic pressure booster for the Interflon Single Point Lubricator

Impulse Connect

IMG SPL Impulse Connect product

Compact pump for pumping grease from a Interflon Single Point Lubricator using extra pressure. This one-point lubrication system, with Bluetooth® connection and a LED display indicating the functioning, can be effectively used to pump lubricant through lines up to 4 metres long.

The Interflon Impulse Connect is the perfect addition to the Interflon Single Point Lubricator concept for places where extra pressure is needed, up to 10 bar.

Easy installation: Read the manual that comes with the Impulse Connect for proper installation and performance.


  • Increases the pressure to 10 bar
  • Pipelines up to 4 metres (depending on product)
  • LED indication on operation (with explanation in the user manual)
  • Plug-and-play
  • Reusable up to 10 x a 125 ml lubricator or 3 years after production date
  • Lithium battery pack (renew after every lubricator emptying)
  • IP 68 dust-proof and waterproof
  • Suitable for grease up to NLGI 2 grease
  • Suitable for 60, 125 and 250 ML Interflon Single Point Lubricators
  • Simple inspection of operation on high-altitude lubrication points
  • Dosing of 0.17 to 8.3 ml per day (depending on chosen lubricator and setting)
  • Broad applicability
  • Reliable
  • Connect to your smartphone and check the status

Article number:
Interflon Impulse Connect: 7213
Battery pack: 7215