Interflon food grease 3h multifunctional lubricating grease suitable for direct food contact


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Multifunctional lubricating grease suitable for direct food contact

Food Grease 3H

Universal lubricating grease with MicPol® technology, specially developed for applications in the food-processing industry where food contact is unavoidable. Provides protection against wear, rust and corrosion and extends useful life for problem-free operation in environments where applications are in regular contact with water.

Interflon Food Grease 3H is listed by the NSF in accordance with DIN V 3 10517 for use in applications where food contact is allowed (NSF-3H) and with incidental food contact (NSF-H1) with registration number 151962.


  • Universal grease for nearly all lubrication points
  • Greatly extends useful life thanks to MicPol® technology
  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • Resistant to water, steam and dirt

Suitable for the lubrication of ball, roller and slide bearings, guide rails, joints, open gear wheels, spindles, crown wheels, etc. in environments where food contact is allowed.