Interflon food lube pn32 water repelling anti-wear pneumatic lubricating oil



Premium Quality Food Grade Oil for Compressed Air Systems

Food Lube PN32

Water repelling, anti-wear lubricant for compressed air systems. For dramatic wear reduction, reduced maintenance and extended life of air system components and pneumatic tools used in the food, drugs and beverage processing and packaging industry. Specifically formulated for reducing lubricant consumption and minimising the loss stray mist to the environment whilst bringing back the intensity of the vibration of air tools.

Includes Interflon advanced lubrication technology preventing corrosion, enhancing water-separation and minimising lubricant contamination, carbon and varnish build-up.

Suits vane compressors as well as axial and centrifugal compressors. Comes highly recommended by leading air manufacturers, including Norgren and Hoerbiger.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Considerably less wear and tear of air tools
  • Up to 9 times less Oil consumption
  • Virtually no stick-slip in valves and cylinders
  • Excellent dry run characteristics
  • Increased system reliability

Product Application Areas
Use for Air systems, Guides, Pneumatic Parts and Pneumatically Operated Tools and mechanisms in the food, drugs and beverage processing and packaging industry.