Interflon grease ls2 water and pressure resistant grease with micpol®


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Heavy-duty grease with exceptional water resistance

Grease LS2

Long-threaded, extreme pressure grease with exceptional resistance to (salt) water and high impact (shock) loads. Designed for ultimate performance in the most exacting grease applications. Engineered to increase service life of bearings, guides, sliding surfaces, joints and other slow to moderately moving machine parts that operate under adverse conditions of extreme loads and low temperatures in high water wash areas in the heavy industry, cold and outdoor environments, coal mines and at sea.

Fortified with MicPol®, to provide for exceptionally long lasting protection against friction and wear with outstanding emergency-run characteristics. Can be applied either manually or by automatic greasing systems.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Exceptional, long-lasting wear resisting properties
  • Water washout only just 0,2 % (ASTMD-1264)
  • Prevents loss of lubricating protection, even underwater
  • Stands up against high impact loads
  • Outstanding shear stability and emergency-run characteristic
  • Transparent, enabling easy inspections

Product Application Areas
Excellent choice for the use in transshipment, offshore, mining, fishing industry and steel works as well as for cranes, excavators, agricultural and construction machines.