Case studies


Annual savings of € 16.800,-

Fly Roller chain lubrication in a car body paint shop

Initial situation

The company, which is specialised in the production of vehicles, faced operational difficulties as their lubricant did not reach the inside of the rollers but stayed on top of the surface of the chain. In addition, with the previous lubricant, both the Fly Roller chains and the transported parts remained contaminated with the lubricant. Lubrication requires 40 minutes and an (extra) cleaning cycle every 4 weeks to keep the chains clean and not to contaminate the parts to be transported. The annual maintenance costs are € 27.160,-.

Our solution

Interflon Lube TF


  • Better and more capillary lubrication
  • Contamination-free parts
  • Fly Roller without pollution
  • Faster and less frequent maintenance interventions (3:1 ratio)
  • Less lubricant is needed
  • Lower environmental impact
  • It is not necessary to run the chain cleaning cycle


Thanks to the Interflon MicPol® technology, the customer has found a clean and capillary lubrication, which reaches all the details of the chains in depth.

Maintenance interventions now take place every 12 weeks (instead of 4), require less lubricant and are faster: 30 minutes instead of 40 minutes. This leads to several economic and operational benefits and certainly to a lower impact on the environment.

Maintenance costs now amount to € 10.345,- per year, which means an annual saving of approximately € 16.800,-.

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