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Annual savings exceeding € 27.000,-

Lubrication of bearings and spindles of multiple heads

Initial situation

The customer, a leading manufacturer of metal sanitary ware, encountered a problem with the lubrication of the micro gears of the multiple heads as the product used was leaking from the seals. On average, the customer experiences the breakage of 2 heads per year and therefore the customer incurs an annual cost of € 3.500,- x 2 breakages = € 7.000,-. In addition, about 4 interventions per month (from € 250.00/pc to € 1.000.00,-/pc) are carried out to replace various components. Based on an average cost of € 625,- the customer thus incurs a cost of € 625,- x 4 operations per month x 12 months = € 30.000,- per year. Finally, 2 repair jobs per week (€ 25/h) of about 30 minutes each are carried out: 2 jobs x € 25/h x 1 person x 0.5 h x 4 weeks x 12 months = € 1.200,- per year.

Our sollution

Interflon Grease MP00


  • Leakage eliminated
  • Cleaner working environment
  • Longer lubrication intervals
  • Reduced bearing and spindle failures


Thanks to Interflon's solution, the customer was able to halve the number of head breakages (€ 3.500.00 per year). In addition, they drastically reduced the cost of replacing various components (€ 625/pc on average) from 4 times a month to 1 time a month (4:1), for a total cost of € 7.500,- per year. As a result, repair interventions were also reduced from twice a week to once a month (8:1), for a total cost of € 150,- per year. The annual saving for the customer is more than € 27.000,-.

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