Case studies


Over € 30.000,- savings every 3 years

Lubrication of the pasteurizer chains

Initial situation

A leading company in the production of sausages, encounters a serious problem on the transport chains of the pasteurization plant for cooked hams. In the cold and hot zone of the plant, the transport takes place by means of 2 pairs of parallel chains (of 15 meters each), for a total length of 60 meters. Due to the harsh environmental conditions and some mechanical problems, they are replaced on average every 18 months.

Our solution

Interflon Food Lube G220 for the cold zone, Interflon Food Lube HT for the hot zone.


  • Increased life of standard roller chains (duplex) from 18 months to 42 months
  • Increase in workplace safety
  • Reduction of environmental impact
  • Higher production
  • Less maintenance interventions


Savings exceeding € 30.000,- every 3 years, simply considering the benefits deriving from the lengthening of the lubrication intervals thanks to Interflon technology.

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