Case studies


Expected annual savings exceeding € 10.000,-

Reduction of power consumption of a 90 kW blower

Initial situation

At the wastewater treatment plant there are 4 blowers (2 90 kW and 2 37 kW). The customer would like to reduce the power consumption by starting with a first 90 kW (120A) blower and then possibly extend the Interflon technology to all the blowers: the aim is to lower the electricity costs in general.

Our solution

Interflon Finnoly Additive T251


  • Reduction in power consumption of 5A


Thanks to Interflon's technology, the customer reduced the power consumption by 5A, which amounts to € 1.727,- on 1 90 kW blower in 1 year. The customer expects to save more than € 10.000,- per year by extending Interflon technology to all blowers.

Tags: Interflon Finnoly Additive T251 | Water treatment | MicPol® technology