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Cables & wire ropes

4-fold increase in the lifetime of the wire ropes

Zinc-coated wire ropes

Initial situation

Zinc-coated wire ropes are extremely heavy (approx. 2 tons) and because they are inflexed twice for every 20 - 25 cm, significant mechanical wear and damage in the area of inflexion occurs often. Monthly consumption was approx 80 pcs. There is a dusty environment (steel dust in the factory).

Our solution

Two new wire ropes were used for the test. Old grease was removed using Interflon Degreaser EM30+. Subsequent triple application of Interflon Lube EP, with 40 minute intervals in order to ensure the product was dry before proceeding further. These wire ropes were used in conjunction with other new ropes, but lubricated with graphite oil.

Operating staff made notes when fixing ropes to steel strip coils. After two weeks from the start of testing, visual checks showed that ropes lubricated with Interflon Lube EP looked less worn than ropes treated with graphite oil.


Using Interflon Lube EP resulted in prolonging the lifetime of zinc-coated wire ropes by four times and thereby the monthly consumption decreased from 80 to 20 pcs. Providing that the price is €36,- per pcs, the monthly savings were €2160,-.

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