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Less working time to re-lubricate

Cables of a Hyundai residential lift

Initial situation

The complication with the lubrication of those cables arose from the fact that, in the past, a lot of oil had to be used (they used Shell Omala 100) and sometimes even grease was used for lubrication of the cables. That caused the following problems:

1. Wastage of a lot of product.
2. No guaranteed internal lubrication of the cable.
3. The surface of the cable and the cable reel got contaminated, creating a build up of old stuck lubricants.
4. Many spilled drops on the floor of the lift cars.

Our solution

The maintenance technicians needed 1 hour to clean the cables of one single lift, including the reel. Because this was an expensive task, it was only carried out once a month and the condition of the cables was not visible. We first started cleaning the reel and the cables with Interflon Degreaser EM30+ and subsequently applied Interflon Lube EP+ (aerosol). This only took 20 minutes (one third of the time previously needed) and on inspection one month later we saw that it was still clean and the lubrication was still functional. This made it possible to see whether the cable was damaged; this was revealed to be in good condition.


The first saving arises from the fact that the maintenance technicians need less working time to re-lubricate one single lift cable. In the past this took 1 hour, which represents a labour cost of, converted to euros, € 4.37. Now thet can do the same job in only 20 minutes, which brings the labour cost to just € 1.45. If this is calculated based on 450 teams operating in Medellin, it results in a significant cost saving per month:

In the past: € 4.37 x 450 teams = € 1.966,50
Now: € 1.45 x 450 teams = € 652.50

This results in a direct saving on labour of € 1.314. Furthermore, this does not only result in a cash saving, but also means there is more time available for the maintenance technicians for other activities.

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