Primary metal

Cost savings, an ongoing process at steel mills

The constant pressure to avoid down-time and keeping costs low has never been higher for steel manufacturers. This puts maintenance people on a difficult task.

The hostile environment typically consisting of high temperature, constant exposure to very fine dust, corrosive fluoro gases, presence of high magnetic fields and the extremely high loads machines work at, places high demands on lubricants. Interflon lubricants with MicPol®technology have shown they can deal with these high demands.

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Some applications in the Primary metal industry

Pivots skip arms and wheel bearings last 5x longer

The skip wagons operate under very high loads (total weight > 50 tons) and moving parts like pivots and wheel bearings are exposed to very abrasive dust and high temperatures. Despite frequent greasing, those wagon parts normally don't last more than 2 years.

With Interflon Grease LS2 service-life is extended to 10 years and grease consumption has been reduced by a factor 3. The MicPol® lubrication film resists those high loads better than the ones provided by conventional greases. And it repels dust, so no build up of abrasive paste.

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Overhead crane

No more leaking gearboxes on the overhead cranes

Following TPM standards, leaking of oil or grease should be avoided at any price. But conventional gear oils in very high loaded gearboxes of overhead cranes suffer a lot and can produce leaks. With frequent oil changes as the result.

With Interflon Grease MP00, a semi-fluid grease with MicPol®, the gearboxes not only stop leaking, but also last 4 to 6 times longer.

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