Printing and publishing

Meeting deadlines whilst reducing maintenance costs and production losses

Within the printing industry effective maintenance is essential to ensure that the optimum performance of equipment is sustained and productivity is consistent meeting customer's desired delivery times.

The presence of paper dust and antimaculating powder sticking to machine components or mixing with the in, the risk of grease running out of the bearings and contaminating the printed sheet and other challenges require a strict lubrication and cleaning regime. But due to the deadlines printers have to meet to satisfy their customers, this is not always possible. With high maintenance costs as a result.

Some applications in the Printing industry

Clean but optimal lubricated components

Chains, guides, springs, rods, cylinders, pistons, sealed bearings and grippers suffer from paper dust and antimaculating powder sticking to the 'wet' conventional lubricants used to keep the printer running. But they create an abrasive paste, difficult to clean and generating a risk of contamination of the printed sheets.

Interflon Fin Super or Interflon Lube TF provides these components with a dry lubrication MicPol® film, avoiding paper dust and antimaculating powder to stick to them. With a more long lasting effect extending lubrication intervals by a factor 4 or even 6 and with less need to clean, resulting in less production losses and lower maintenance costs.

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No more grease seeping out of the gripper tongs

Conventional greases seep out of the gripper tongs due to the centrifugal forces and can soil the printed sheets. Frequent lubrication, often once a week, is required to keep them well lubricated causing costly down-time.

Interflon Grease MP2/3 with MicPol® stays within the bearings, eliminating the risk of contaminating the printed sheets. Greasing intervals can be extended to 6-8 weeks, reducing production losses.

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