Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube: Small bottle, big effect

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Housekeeping life hacks

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Make silver shine again

Unfortunately, silver jewellery and other shiny treasures in your home quickly tarnish or turn black. Polishing up can be quite a nuisance. But not with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube - a small dab is enough to make the silver shine again, as never before.

Clear vision for a long time

Cleaning glass surfaces and windows over and over because limescale deposits are visible... There are many more enjoyable things to do. If you apply a little bit of Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube to the surface after cleaning, you will have a long period of protection from water stains or rust.

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Boosting scissors and other household accessories

Who has not experienced it: sticky residue or rust on scissors, making it necessary for you to purchase replacement parts. Put an end to the throwaway society! A few drops of Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube are all that is needed and the household accessories are as good as new.

Lubricate squeaking doors

The noise is not only annoying, but it is also often devastating when it wakes up your family. With lubricated hinges, everyone in the house will sleep like a baby....

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Repairing a zip

If a zipper gets stuck, it is annoying and time-consuming to replace. Should you throw away your jacket, trousers, boots or backpack because of this? No, just lubricate the zip with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube and it will work perfectly again.

Remove rust

Outside door locks have a tendency to rust. But that does not matter, because a few drops of Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube will remove the rust in no time.

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Keep the sewing machines in good condition

Sewing is trendy! The sewing machine needs to be maintained so that the pleasure lasts longer. With Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube you oil the motor and also avoid knotted yarn.

Remove chewing gum from your shoe

When you are not paying attention, suddenly the following happens - a piece of chewing gum sticks underneath your shoe. These chewing gums are particularly stubborn and difficult to remove. But Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube dissolves the chewing gum and other dirt as easily as child's play.

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Clean & impregnate shoes

When buying shoes, you are usually asked whether you would like impregnation (for an extra charge). From now on, you can confidently do without it and impregnate with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube. You can also remove stains easily with it.

Getting ball bearings moving

Many daily items have ball bearings such as drawers, roller skates, skateboards etcetera. After a while, these ball bearings will no longer run properly. With a few drops of Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube, the bearings will run smoothly again!

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Life hacks for young and older kids

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Remove scribbles

Not all works of art are meant to last forever. Fortunately, children's paintings and scribbles on walls or furniture can be easily removed with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube.

Remove chewing gum from hair

Children often accomplish the most impossible things. For example, getting chewing gum in their hair. Until now, the only solution was to cut off the affected lock of hair. Not the most pleasant solution. Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube makes it easy to pull the chewing gum out of the hair. Hairstyle saved!

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Game controller maintenance

Gamers know this: time flies, you can play until late at night. But when the controller makes creaking noises, it is often not only annoying for the players themselves. With Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube, you are able to game until deep into the night.

Remove permanent marker

A permanent marker is easily mistaken for a normal pen. It is a big shock when you have written on a white board with this pen. However, you can remove this easily with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube!

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Life hacks for your car

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Clear mirrors

Tarnishing of mirrors and windows in damp and cold weather is also annoying. You could counteract this by rubbing the surfaces with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube.

Frozen doors

Often not only the windows are frozen, but also the doors. To prevent this, simply lubricate the rubber seals with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube. The seals will also live longer thanks to this.

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Life hacks for athletes

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Clean your golf clubs

After a round of golf, cleaning the clubs is part of the routine. You could use Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube for this routine. This will not only protect your rackets from stains and rust, but also your wallet.

Fishing equipment

You can use Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube for year-round maintenance of your equipment. Clean the gears, spool the crank and the cord guide with this product. It protects against corrosion and maintains the function of all moving elements.

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Life hacks for musicians

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Striking the right note

Sometimes false notes are due to the piano player, sometimes to the piano itself. Maintain the strings regularly with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube and you and your surroundings will enjoy harmonious sounds.

Smooth sounds thanks to smooth strings

If you love your guitar, you take care of it regularly. The strings can be rubbed with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube. The result is worth listening to!

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Life hacks for a hobbyist

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Maintain tools

Rust and chips can quickly make tools unusable. But instead of replacing them, you can simply treat them with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube for regular intervals. The service life will be noticeably increased and your wallet will be spared.

Release screws in the twinkling of an eye

Some screws cannot be removed despite full physical effort. Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube can be applied to the screw, so the screw will be removed in no time.

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Making roller blinds smoothly again

Do you know what it is when the roller mechanism gets stuck and the guide tape can not be rolled up easily? A few drops of oil will make it run smoothly again!

Life hacks for men problems

Pinched hair

Metal watch straps can pinch hair, which is very unpleasant. When you lubricate the straps with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube this will not happen anymore!

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Knife and razor blades quickly become dull and are often unnecessarily replaced. If you rub the blades with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube, they will last longer. It also protects the environment and your wallet.

Life hacks for the garden


Gardening can be very meditative. You can switch off everyday problems and be out in the fresh air. But if the garden tools and implements are not functioning properly, that will be the end of the relaxation time. For this reason you should clean the tools after each gardening session and rub them with Interflon Fin Super Dry Lube.

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