Interflon fluor grease 2 clean-room compatible nsf® listed fluorinated grease


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Clean-Room Compatible NSF® Listed Fluorinated Grease

Fluor Grease 2

Highly versatile, clean-room compatible NSF® (Class H-1) fluorinated grease that you can depend on. Offers a unique combination of exceptionally high- and low temperature performance, chemical inertness and high load carrying capacity to satisfy your most difficult lubrication needs.

Formulated for ultimate performance in the most exacting grease applications. Clearly significantly reduces wear to increase service life of critical components that operate under extreme circumstances or are hard to re-lubricate and need long life lubrication - with virtually no oil bleed.

For the (life-time) lubrication of bearings, chains, slides and other machine parts used in (food-stuff) environments where temperatures range from -30°C to + 270°C and process water, steam, gas, oxygen, hydrocarbons, metal Working fluids, acids, bases and other chemical substances rule out the use of conventional greases.

Distinctive Properties and Key Advantages

  • Extends service life and lubricating intervals with up to 6 times
  • Dramatically reduces friction and wear
  • Resists almost every kind of chemical
  • Maintains precision of tooling
  • Does not contain hydrocarbons and silicones

Product Application Areas
Works under almost any conditions. Applications include the lubrication of bearings, chains, slides and many other components made out of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and most other alloys, ceramics, polymers and most other elastomer materials.