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Annual savings of € 560.000,-

Lubrication press button assembly machine

Initial situation

A leading company in the production of buttons for the largest sports and fashion companies assembles an average of 250.000 buttons per day. A snap button can consist of assembling two or three parts and the production cost varies from € 0,35 to € 0,80 each. The details of the buttons to be assembled (steel and brass) are placed in the feeders present on the assembling machine, aligned and conveyed through the guides on the tools for pressing and forming the button: this last phase must respect specific tolerances, otherwise the component is discarded. The specific tolerance is verified with special templates and after the control phase, the assembled buttons are degreased and painted. The lubricant used causes problems on the paintwork: in the presence of contaminants on the surface it penetrates the surface.

Our solution

Interflon Food Lube (aerosol)


  • Improved preparation of components for the assembly phase
  • Daily production waste reduced by 2%
  • No problems with painted finishes during degreasing and painting
  • Safer for people and the environment


Thanks to our MicPol® technology, the assembly phase has been improved and daily production waste has been reduced by 2%. Moreover the customer calculated an annual saving of € 560.000,- taking into account 280 working days.

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