Heat-resistant grease

Prolong the life of your machines and protect machine parts from wear at high temperatures with heat-resistant grease. You will thus save considerably on replacement, repair and maintenance costs. Interflon offers heat-resistant grease for the most optimum availability of your machines.

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Heat-resistant lubricating grease enriched with MicPol® technology

Interflon's heat-resistant grease is enriched with MicPol®, performs superiorly and is ideal for high temperature environments. MicPol® enhances the lubricant's original properties.

Heat-resistant lubricating grease for protection at high temperatures

Heat-resistant greases keep machines running smoothly in hot or heat-emitting areas. Interflon heat-resistant lubricants reduce friction and protect against wear at very high temperatures and are resistant to high shock loads.

Naturally, you want your machines and machine parts to last as long as possible. Interflon increases the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of machines: our heat resistant formula reduces failures and production losses, maximises the performance of your machines. In short: it ensures optimum availability of your machines.

Advantages of heat-resistant grease

By regularly lubricating machine parts in areas with high temperatures with Interflon heat-resistant grease, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Excellent protection against wear at extreme temperatures
  • Exceptional performance at high temperatures
  • Extension of the service life and lubrication intervals
  • · Resistant to water and most chemicals

Lubricating grease for high temperatures in your industry

What types of lubricating grease work well in your own business? Heat-resistant lubricating grease works perfectly for machines in the (food)industry.

Interflon offers you Interflon Grease HTG - a high pressure-resistant heat-resistant grease (NSF-H2) and Interflon Grease HTG in a spray can, for use on bearings, chains, skids and many other machine parts used in fryers, ovens etc.

Interflon Paste HT1200 - the Interflon heat-resistant food-safe assembly paste (NSF-H1) can be used when assembling brakes, machine parts, metal connections, pneumatic tools, bolts, nuts, shafts, stainless steel screw connections and many other (screw) connections. Interflon Paste HT1200 is also available as an aerosol.

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