Two products for 90% of your cleaning tasks

The fight against corona

Especially now the cleaning of industrial workplaces and other environments is of paramount importance. We have some important cleaning tips for you.

  • Preferably clean with our enzymatic (water based) eco cleaners
  • No magic number for dilution % and needed time. It’s a matter of practical testing and securing the dilution % (Interflon Eco Dispenser) and time in a protocol.
  • Wiping with a cloth, brush or use air is sufficient when cleaning with an eco cleaner. No need to rinse with water.
  • When applied on a surface with food contact (food industry) it is mandatory to rinse with water. Which in return could cause corrosion.
  • Interflon Fin Clean All² - our label-free deep cleaner with F-Active Technology for a wide range of applications - has anticorrosive properties. Therefore the risk of corrosion is minimized. Nowadays it’s difficult to find an alkaline concentrate with the cleaning capacity of Interflon Fin Clean All², without pictograms and anticorrosive properties. 

Interflon cleaners fulfill the task of cleaning and proper sanitation in order to:

  • Remove bacteria, fungi, but also the (corona) virus
  • Prepare the surface for a proper disinfection process
  • Reduce the risk of contamination
Interflon newsarticle Contribution fight covid 19

Interflon Eco Degreaser and Interflon Fin Clean All2 enables you to carry out 90% of your cleaning tasks efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly.

Interflon Eco Degreaser (NSF-A1) - for small surfaces - and Interflon Fin Clean All² - for larger surfaces -, both label free with European Eco Label and enzymatic (F-Active technology) to execute cleaning tasks in a more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly way. Very important in these times of high awareness and increased care. Next to that they do more in the fight against the coronavirus.

A coronavirus is encapsulated by an oily lipid ‘envelope’ which caries proteins that the virus uses to infect cells. The enzymes present in Interflon Eco Degreaser and Interflon Fin Clean All² are able, based on physical and chemical knowledge, to cut open this oily envelope. This destroys the viral envelope, making the virus unable to infect a cell and therefor deactivating the virus. It is a good idea using an anti-viral disinfectant after cleaning to completely ensure disinfection of the surface, if needed.

Please download the document 'How can we contribute to the fight against the coronavirus?' here or contact us for more information.