Environmentally friendly lubricants for harsh conditions

The marine environment for harbours require lubricants that have to withstand severe weather and salt water spray, so anti-corrosion properties are paramount. But also the heavy loads harbour equipment has to support are challenging to maintenance operators.

How to cope with the pressure of maximum equipment availability on one hand and the increasing demand to use environmentally friendly lubricants on the other hand? The harsh conditions harbour equipment like reach stackers, gantry cranes, container frontal cranes ask for heavily additivated lubricants. But they are unfriendly for the environment and the workers.

Some applications at Harbours

Telescopic booms and guides of Reach stackers

The telescopic booms, but also the guides, have to support very high loads. They mostly work outdoors, so the accumulation of dust and corrosion are usually the most feared enemies. Conventional greases do not support that type of loads under these hostile outdoor conditions and are pushed or washed out. This all results in a very high and time consuming grease consumption.

Interflon Grease OG resists water and heavy loads. Has a very low water wash-out and thanks to the MicPol® particles it protects very well against corrosion and rust. Lubrication interval can be extended by a factor 4 to 6, at the same time spending less time cleaning. Interflon Grease OG is also the ideal solution for the crown wheels. First degrease the surface with Interflon Degreaser EM 30+.

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Empty front crane

Lifting chains of empty container front cranes

The front crane has a lifting system based on two duplex leaf chains. They work in a salty environment and have to deal with heavy loads. The best solution operators found to lubricate these chains is bulk grease. But this grease does not penetrate between the leafs, creates abrassive pastes provoking premature wear. Apart from the dirty aspect of it.

We recommend to first apply Interflon Lube TF on the chains in order to create a long lasting MicPol® lubrication film in the inner parts of the links, in this way avoiding metal-to-metal contact and premature wear and tear. And then apply a thin layer of Interflon Grease OG so the grease can create a seal against water and dust. This will result in cleaner chains, extended lubrication intervals and longer chain life. First degrease the chain with Interflon Degreaser EM 30+ and blow them dry with compressed air.

Tags: Interflon Lube TF | Interflon Grease OG | Interflon Degreaser EM 30+