Water-resistant grease

Extend the life of your machines with Interflon’s water-resistant greases. Interflon’s water-resistant greases have been developed to provide top performance in the most demanding conditions. You also save on maintenance and replacement costs. Interflon can offer you the right oil for your situation.

Direct to Interflon water-resistant lubricating grease

Water-resistant grease enriched with MicPol®

Interflon waterproof lubricating grease has been specially developed for machines in damp environments. The lubricating grease is enriched with our unique MicPol® technology. The MicPol® technology dramatically improves the water-resistant properties due to the strong adhesion and non-emulsification of the lubricant with moisture. MicPol® ensures better adhesion between machine components and low friction. As a result, our lubricating greases offer a long service life, less grease is needed ultimately and maintenance is reduced.

Water-resistant grease for protection against corrosion

Waterproof grease ensures that your machines are optimally lubricated and continue to run smoothly in damp or wet environments. The life of bearings, runners, sliding surfaces and other machine components is extended by our water-resistant lubricating greases. The water-resistant greases from Interflon offer outstanding protection against corrosion, rust and wear and are resistant to high shock loads. As a result, your machines will last longer and maintenance and energy consumption will be reduced.

Benefits of water-resistant grease

Machines in moist and wet environments require extra attention and maintenance. If you use Interflon waterproof lubricating greases you will benefit from:

  • Significant, lasting reduction in friction and wear
  • Resistance to high shock load
  • Strong adhesion to the surface
  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • A good seal

Water-resistant lubricating grease in your sector

Interflon offers lubricants for every sector and work environment. Water-resistant lubricating grease is suitable for various applications. Examples are: gearboxes, bearings, cables, chains and various other applications in which water and steam are complicating factors, including in the food industry, abattoirs etc. The use of waterproof lubricating grease is also recommended in other sectors. Agricultural machines, excavators, forestry machinery, cables and heavy transport vehicles also come into regular contact with water and moisture.

Interflon offers the following water-resistant lubricating greases:

Interflon Grease LS1/2 and Interflon Grease LS2: for low to moderate speed moving machine components
Interflon Food Grease EP
: very pressure-resistant lubricating grease
Interflon Food Grease LT2
: for cold processes and exposure to winter weather
Interflon Grease MP2/3
: for multiple applications
Interflon Food Grease MP2
: very high temperature range
Interflon Grease OG
: for open gears
Interflon Grease OG (aerosol)
: aerosol for open gears
Interflon Fluor Grease 2
: fluorine grease, suitable for clean rooms
Interflon Food Grease HD00
: semi-liquid ‘heavy duty’ grease
Interflon Grease HD2
: for ‘heavy duty’ applications, dusty and wet environments
Interflon Grease HD2 (aerosol)
: aerosol for ‘heavy duty’ applications, dusty and wet environments
Interflon Food Grease HD2: 'heavy duty’ lubricating grease and anti-corrosion agent in one
Interflon Food Grease HD2 (aerosol): 'heavy duty'-lubricating grease and anti-corrosion agent in one aerosol
Interflon Grease MP1
: suitable for lubricant dispensers and central lubricating systems
Interflon Bio Grease MP2
: for open-air machines and applications in the offshore, agricultural and steel industries.

What is the ideal water-resistant lubricating grease for your machines? Please contact us for no-obligation advice.