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Moving the cardboard industry forward

More than 50 percent of the cardboard processing machinery is difficult to access. The lubrication process can therefore involve very dangerous situations with the risk of burns and even laceration. Therefore, in quite a few scenarios the maintenance worker will need to shut down all of the machinery, which leads to a lot of downtime.

Extending the lubrication intervals and service life of machine parts, while simultaneously reducing operating temperatures, lowers operational costs, creates safer working conditions and reduces energy use.

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Leading provider of paper-based packaging

This FTSE 100 company is one of the leading providers of paper-based packaging in the world, with operations in over 30 countries. When using Interflon maintenance products, lubrication intervals are extended, the life of machine parts is increased and operating temperatures are reduced. In addition, it prevents machines from getting dirty and the quality of lubrications is maintained. This leads to lower operational costs, safer working conditions and greater energy efficiency.

Some examples of applications in cardboard

Lubricated bearings without dust penetration

Due to the presence of dust, heat and glue, bearings suffer a lot. In the bearings of your machines, the lubricant is easily affected by dust penetration and glues - hot jam - which leads to dripping, friction and eventually even bearing damage. With conventional lubricant, the high operating temperatures necessitate frequent greasing.

With Interflon Food Grease HD2 we have developed a grease that can be used for 98% of all bearings. Moreover, due to its composition and MicPol® technology, it also prevents the grease from dripping oil and contaminating the end product. And because Interflon Food Grease HD2 prevents the penetration of dust, it allows you to extend the lubrication intervals up to four times. The temperature range of Interflon Food Grease HD2 is between -30°C and +180°C, so it can be used for many purposes.

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Interflon Cardboard Lubricated bearings without dust penetration

Increase the lifespan of your drive chain up to 3 times

The drive chains of Bobst die cutters suffer from shock loads and conventional ‘wet’ lubricants attract dust. This creates a sticky paste on the chains, resulting in premature stretch. Sometimes the chain has to be replaced within a year, which means high replacement costs and significant downtime. The penetration of dust also increases friction in the drive chain, unnecessarily increasing energy consumption.

Interflon’s Food Lube G-series with MicPol® technology provides a dry lubricating film to minimize friction and prevent dust from adhering. This results in up to four times longer lubrication intervals, shorter cleaning time and, most important, less friction. Case studies show that when Interflon lubrication is used drive chains can last two to three times longer and they consume at least five percent less energy.

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Interflon Cardboard Increase the lifespan of your drive chain up to 3 times

Gearboxes that consume 15 percent less energy

Due to production speeds, lubricants in gearboxes must withstand high pressure loads and temperature build-up between the gears. Varnishing of the oil and its absorption of fine dust particles cause sludge formation, which increases energy consumption.

Interflon Grease MP00 and Interflon’s Food Lube G-series with MicPol® technology reduce friction, which significantly reduces operating temperatures. This will in turn reduce energy consumption by up to 15 percent, while lengthening the maintenance intervals up to 2 to 3 times and preventing varnishing!

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Interflon Cardboard Application Gearboxes that consume 15 percent less energy