Avoid extra delay and high start-up costs

Keeping a factory fit during long inactivity

During the current corona crisis, machines are idle more often and for longer periods, causing machines and machine parts to suffer. Moisture and dust may machine parts to rust or get jammed during start-up. Mechanical components may wear because of a lack of a protective lubricating film during start-up. Thorough cleaning and preservation may prevent wear.

When not in use, chains may be affected by environmental influences. This means the pins will get stuck in the bushings. Also with bearings of the chain, if they does not move for a longer period of time, the rolling bodies slowly break through the lubricating film. This can lead to damage when the machines are started up.

When not in use and with insufficient lubrication, bearings may corrode due to incoming moisture, with all its consequences when starting up. In food processing companies, where cleaning is done every day, water may remain in the bearings, which causes the emulsion of the bearing grease to drain quickly from the bearing at the start-up.

With hydraulic systems, moisture can enter the systems due to temperature differences, which can lead to rust formation and components can get stuck. Repairing and / or replacing those components is a time-consuming and costly business.

Pneumatic systems are generally already sensitive to condensation, which causes moisture to form in the pipes and causes the pneumatic components to rust, causing them to get stuck or cause stick-slip. That risk is even higher with longer downtimes. In addition, rust particles cause contamination further down the system, unacceptable in food processing and pharmaceutical companies. Replacing pneumatic parts is very time-consuming and leads to unwanted delays in your production.

With oil-lubricated gearboxes that stand still for a long time, rust can form and eventually lead to pitting. This results in considerable wear and shortening the lifespan. Even with open gears and sliding surfaces of a smaller size, rust and corrosion are the greatest danger during a long downtime.

Apart from the mechanical moving components, the exterior of your machine is also worth preserving.

Downtime also has its advantages for maintenance teams. Now there is finally time for preventive maintenance. This makes it easier to disassemble machine chains and to clean, lubricate and preserve them in immersion baths. Take the time to properly clean, lubricate and preserve steel cables.

Interflon newsarticle Clean lubricate and preserve steel cables

Interflon's unique MicPol® lubrication technology ensures that a solid, water and dust-repellent lubrication film and preservation layer remains on moving but also non-moving surfaces. It protects your machines and machine parts against corrosion and provides them with the first lubrication at start-up (emergency running properties of MicPol®) so that machines do not suffer from stick-slip and do not accelerate wear.

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