Case studies


Expected savings exceeding € 60.000,- in 12 months

Lubrication of the fryer mesh plain bearings

Initial situation

Sector: food, French fries products

Several tons of potatoes are processed every day through 4 main phases.

In the first phase the potatoes are selected and transported to the washing phase and the return bearings are the first components to be constantly stressed.

After that, during the cooking phase, the bearings of the mesh conveyor surfaces of the fryers are subjected to intense work rates and very aggressive operating conditions which are the main cause of production stops that occur with a certain frequency.

Even just a few hours of downtime corresponds to a productive damage of tens of thousands of euros.

Our solution

Interflon Grease HTG


  • Production downtime eliminated
  • Long-lasting lubrication
  • Reduced amount of lubricant
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Safer working environment


Thanks to Interflon MicPol® technology, production stops have been definitively eliminated. The reliability and efficiency of the Interflon solution made it possible to completely avoid the breaking of the fryer bearings and therefore the huge problem of production downtime.

The economic savings data are confidential and cannot be shared, but annual savings of more than € 60.000,- have been assumed.

N.B. The customer was so satisfied with the MicPol® Technology that he decided to also use Interflon Food Grease 2 for all the gearbox bearings of the potato conveyor belts during the washing phase.

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